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Hi All, hope you think this is kind of fun... I have been sick with dehydration for almost a week
Got on the net for awhile here and there. The net went off here and there and I was here and there
like kind of out of it.. our airconditioner wasn't working for 7 or 8 days they finally put in a new
one today.
My poor animals I felt so sorry for them.. My husband iced me down almost constantly and I and he
did the same to the animal. I am sure a lot of you went through what so many may have.
I always worry about the elderly that are alone and no one to help them..
Well by Monday I should be nice and cool and get back to the things I haven't done.
I hope you all have a great weekend.
the little picture in there is my Grandaughter me and my daughter..

here is my other part of the family ... my darling animals..
I have a collage but so many images, can't find them right now.. sure will send them out..
If you ever want to send some cutsie pictures  of your animals...
let me know …

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