Canon Cameras

Womens apparel I am a artist and photographer and I have the The Canon and I would not have any other kind.. the power for a beginner is really cool Womens apparel

What Do You Think?

Hi I am hoping that you like my shopping blogs.
If you would help me out and let me know what
you think. Usually when you go into a shopping
site you press on beauty, apparel, etc.
well this is the same thing, you just go into
the ad and press it and there you are into there
store So many of you know me. My Art and apparel
facebook and my sites. I would like to invite you
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do you like what you see? Is there something you
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Black Magic Abstract by Sherri Of Palm Springs

She Thought She Was In Heaven by Sherri Of Palm Springs

                                                   She Thought she was in heaven
                                           How about that for a wonderful thought.

How to Do Classic Makeup on a Mature Face

A Image Called La Cave, Acrylic On Canvas by Sherri Of Palm Springs

I Just love the ocean and do them when I feel the inspiration, There is nothing like sitting in the evening or in the early morning and just sit and listen. How relaxing and wonderful. Meditation
for sure. Prayer is so awesome to talk to God or the ones you love that are in heaven. Thanking
God for the things we have. Sometimes we don't think to thank him for the gifts we have. Look
around.. Look at you.. Gee I think that along is something to be thankful for... Well enough of
that .. Hope you like my art.. Would be nice if you shared this or made a comment..
Make my day.. 

Leading To Heaven, by Sherri Of Palm Springs.

                                                         Leading to Heaven
Maybe it is looking up to heaven, I kind of thought so. I love to do flowers whether they are
done digitally or painted in a  traditional way.. sometimes I do both on one image. this is just

If You Like Abstract, this is done in very light shades of all colors just about... by Sherri Of Palm Springs

                                                       I believe that abstract are a learning process for a teacher or a parent to teach a very young child  to look for things that they see... we all see so differently in
abstracts... Also not only that but pointing to the colors to see what color they think it is..
I have five adult children so I have tried it when my one grandaughter was is amazing
what they see and we don't or visa versa.. try it. 

Hi All, My little Angel Pillows shirts and angels.. from My zazzle store, Sherri Of Palm Springs

I  just loved making these Angel pillows shirts and lovely things from my 
Angel Zazzle Store..

Chicago at Marina Towers ..If you like window shopping or you want to buy..

 My kind Of Town Chicago Is....Yes It Is...At Marina Towers.
There really is only one part of the City that is having a hard time. Won't
mention what.. We All Know.
I was born  in Chicago, My mom
and dad brought me home to a lovely little town in the western suburbs..It was 
so peaceful when I was a little girl..
I have heard from people all over the world how kind and loyal people are
From Chicago. I have to agree.
Great Restaurants, Social Clubs, Rush,Street  were all the fun is..
The Of course the Million Dollar is so beautiful...Navy Pier, how
fun is that, our Museums, zoo's Etc, and the beautiful beaches ..Miss you

A Pretty softly Done in Blues and White by Sherri Of Palm Springs

                                                       Aren't I a pretty Little Vase, 
                                                        By Sherri Of Palm Springs