Abstract Mother And Child By Sherri Of Palm Springs

This Image was just sold through Fine Art America, My mother and child was a tribute to Mothers and  daughters.
 It is so important to have a good relationship with our daughters.(Of course our sons to}.. Sometimes it doesn't happen, but I wish that all to you dear moms and dear daughters. It isn't easy raising children we never got instructions... right!!! We hope and pray and try hard to do the right things so they become beautiful people , I don't mean beautiful in the face and body but in their hearts and soul .. that is so important... the beauty will then come... I see beautiful people all the time.... but they aren't necessarily beautiful inside where it counts. 
I have 5 Children, so many mothers I have heard say, well I raised them the same way... I am sure you have heard that... well guess what? we are all born different then are brothers and sisters. we all have different personalities and feelings. When we grow up we all have different memories and different stories about our parents...I use to talk with my brother, he and I were very close..I would say something that I just remembered and he would say ..no Sher I never saw it that way...
I again am sure you could say the same thing if you ever discuss your younger years.. well what ever
 you do enjoy your kids, take more time... I wish I had.. time goes so quickly and before you know it, they are on their with  their lives . Who knows what will be when they have gone their own way... and now doing it as the song goes... My way..... mom and dad... may God Bless your way and their way..And Keep God in the family..

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