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    :- BIODATA Basant Soni has a mission to work as an "Eco friendly Artist'.. develop & generate the concept of Organic Art i.e. "Mother Earth Ingredients-Organic art"using ONLY dried thrown out ingredients of Treasure of Nature such as flowers,petals leaves,twigs,fibers,grass,weeds,seeds and some tough barks of vegetables etc.The Painting surface/Canvas are sturdy Barks of Canary Palm Tree and Bamboo Tree,suitably processed as conventional flat canvas INSPIRATION Inherited art from his father renowned Musician & Artist. He was a real inspiration in development of Art.Since childhood.used to devote most of the leisure time on drawings & water paintings under guidance of Father & School-Art Teacher & famous artist Since childhood intended to do innovation in the field of Art & Painting.Accordingly, tried to research an alternate source of colors & canvas after many trials & errors methods. A long untiring endeavors (more than 15 years) discovered & just touch the Treasure of Nature---Organic Materials--Mother Earth Ingredients i.e.infinite scope of Raw Art Materials.Any one can generate this Organic Art with inner aesthetic sense & creativity skills from Natural sources without purchasing any Art Materials from market. Things that discarded by nature to perish in time is starting point to convert in-to Organic Art.No any colors/artificial materials required to create this concept of Organic Art except the 'Glue' This new concept of Art is :- Novel, Innovative,Creative & Inspiring to every one ACHIEVEMENTS * Best Award on Painting‘ Bhagna-Awashes’ by M P Kala Parishad. * ' Koushal Bharti Alankaran' on Jaivic Art from "Sanskar Bharti " * Vasundhara Mitra Award at International Film Festival on 'Saving Biodiversity' sponsored by Kirloskar Brothers Ltd,Indore * 'Organic Art' endorsed in " India Book Of Records" .. * AIR broadcast special Talk on 'Organic Art' in Jabalpur,(MP) and Chhattisgarh. * Consequent upon various exhibitions,the Press Release before & after exhibitions,published/displayed in various media channels Magazines & Newspapers throughout the country. EXHIBITIONS A) Solo Shows :- * Contemporary Art Gallery. Ahmadabad,(Gujrat) .. 7-days * Rani Durgawati Kala Vithika Jabalpur,(3-Days) .. 2 days * Pritam Lal Dua, Art Gallery Indore,(MP) .......... .. 3-Days * Anand Mohan Mathur, Sabhagrah..Indore,(MP) ..3-Days * A Special Show sponsored by ‘Reliance Time Out’ & ‘Diamond Books’ on behalf of “India Book Of Records” . Bhopal (MP) * Tarang Auditorium Gallery, MPEB,Jabalpur ..........4 days * Solo show during " Kaushal Bharti Anankaran Samaroh"organized by Sanskar Bharti at Janki Raman Mahavidyalaya,Jabalpur B) Group Show:- *Participated in several group shows sponsored/organized by Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad at Jabalpur & other various social Organizations /Institutions. *Taken part in Group show "Magnum Opus' at New Delhi. * Participated in Group Show organized by 'Vivechana Rang Mandal'at Tarang Auditorium Gallery,MPEB Jabalpur. *Group Show organized by'Sanskar Bharti' at Sarswati Shiksha Mandir,Shstri Bridge Jabalpur. *group show sponsored under" Rang Rekha' by " Ustad Allauddin Khan Music & Art academy,Bhopal on 18-22 Oct '16 in Rani Durgawati Kala Vithika Art gallery associated by Govt Lalit Kala Sansthan Jabalpur. *Joint-show in Fair along with one of the Organic-Art student This Fair/exhibition in addition of Organic Art work/display of Organic products.The Art fair sponsored by Ratna Kala Kendra Local Art organization on 21-23 Oct '16 FLAIR / HIGHLIGHT * IFAA academician since Jan 2012. As on date more than 90 participants...not only from our country but from other foreign countries too.have learnt the concept of Organic Art through On-line "IFAA" programs. * In order to save exorbitant time for collection,drying process of natural ingredients.. there is a provision of "Organic Art-Kit" which will supply salient dried ingredients along with Bark Canvases. * Art Workshops also organized from time to time at schools/institutions so as to aware the " Eco Friendly Concept of Organic Art " Last years such workshops organized by 'Vivechana Rangmandal' at 'Chanchla Bai Mahvidyalaya Jabalpur. More than 40 students attended 2-days workshop * Recently,workshops on Jaivik Art sponsored by an Institute IAM venue at 'Govt Lalit Kala Sansthan,Jabalpur. More 50 Art--students participated 3-Days workshop. * Some Art PG- students submitted the Brief on 'Organic Art (Jaivic Art) to College-Art faculty in their respective 'Project Report'/ Souvenir reflecting mostly all parameters related to this Art,depicting Art Work too. * An eminent American-Artist Sherri Nicolas has so much impressed with Organic Art concept that she opined that "Organic Art" can heal too.Accordingly she includes this art in her Link .... CONTACT Mail:- Few Organic work are enclosed in view of ur Note Basant Soni sf
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